Customer Testimonials


What people are saying about the GVM Double Duty Twin Chain!

Tim Wild, owner of BWT Farms, is a proud owner of an 11.0T Double Duty Twin Chain on a T380 Prowler chassis. Tim grows rice on his 1,800-acre farm in Louisiana. Additionally, he runs the Prowler for local application and seed companies, totaling around 2,500-3,000 acres a year.

Tim was searching the market for new technology and got in touch with GVM, hoping to eliminate overlap and gain swath control while spreading urea. Since operating the Prowler with the DDTC, Tim says, “the spread pattern is always uniform, with no issues of overlapping.”

Tim’s favorite part about the equipment is, 
“The simplicity of the DDTC eliminates human error.

The Prowler is an Agricultural Tank

Allen Cornbower from The Mill of Black Horse has been working with GVM products since 2006. The Mill, a longtime customer of IAE, currently boasts an F-550 Hydra Spray, E370 Prowler combo, and E325 Prowler spreader, machines that Allen runs nearly every day in season.

Allen alone has already spread about 12,000 acres this year between pre and top dressing. The Mill’s average field size is five acres, with field sizes ranging from 1 to 100 acres. “It’s a lot of travel time,” Allen acknowledged, “so that’s why we like the Prowlers. You can get between fields and get something done.”

The terrain is also a mixture of everything: contours, hills, and flat fields. Allen remarked,
“For our terrain, the Prowler fits this area. It’s a very rugged machine.”

When asked if speed was a primary factor, he agreed, but also added that size and power are key. “You can carry a lot with you. You can leave the tender truck or the plant and get something done without having to refill all the time. You can continue carrying a load with you and [the Prowler] still has enough power to get the job done with the load on it.”

In addition, Allen spoke highly of the Prowler’s longevity. The Mill keeps their GVM machines as long as possible before getting newer models. “[The Prowler] is an agricultural tank. That’s what I tell everybody. That’s really what they are.

The Mill has six locations in Maryland and Pennsylvania and is a fertilizer, chemical, and custom application dealer.

I Love this Machine

Mr. Steve Paul is a longtime farmer in central Pennsylvania and a proud Mako owner and operator. When asked why he chose the Mako, Steve lightly responded, “Look around—this land is too hilly for hydrostatic spraying. I don’t want to be limited by my sprayer.” He went on to tell say how the Mako was truly the ideal machine for him, as it minimized his footprint and crop damage, therefore minimizing his yield loss. He believes in multiple applications, making the Mako, a small, high-speed sprayer, the perfect choice. Steve will make multiple passes over 300 acres of corn, 150 acres of beans, 50 acres of barley, 70 acres of alfalfa, and 50 acres of pasture land with the Mako. Steve purchased a Mako 440 with 42/80-foot aluminum booms and the extra width extension kit so he can set up for 120-inch row spacing. His machine is fully ISO controlled with an Ag Leader InCommand 800 in the cab and the Greentronics RiteHeight boom height control system. Steve mentioned feeling a difference in the Mako’s steering, stability, and maneuverability over his previous machine. But Steve wasn’t just pleased with the machine. He noted that the sales team at GVM had done a great job at understanding his needs and his operation and then assisted him in selecting a machine that was “perfect for his operation.” He also bragged about the service he received from GVM, specifically from the new Service Tech, Justin Mobley, who helped get him up and running as he learned the new Ag Leader system.